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Aug 28, 2023

Join Susan as she sits down with Dr. Erik Korem, the visionary CEO and Founder of AIM7. AIM7 is an app that translates wearable data into personalized recommendations for exercise, sleep, and mental fitness. After months of private beta testing, AIM7 is now officially available on the app store. Dr. Korem shares the incredible story of how this app went from conception to reality, proving its effectiveness with over 500 customers in just a few months.


The results speak for themselves: users of AIM7 have reported outstanding improvements after just 30 days. With a 19% boost in motivation, 16% enhanced sleep quality, 17% better mood, 13% more energy, and a remarkable 15% reduction in stress, AIM7 is reshaping the way people approach their physical and mental well-being.


AIM7 is not just an app—it's a supportive community, a comprehensive solution, and a revolutionary approach to personal growth. If you're tired of complicated routines and ready for a simplified, effective path to self-improvement, don't miss out on this episode.


Download the AIM7 app today and experience the difference for yourself. Unlock your true potential and make lasting changes that impact every facet of your life. Visit AIM7's website and use the code 'rawandrealaim7' to start your free trial today. Experience a 7-day free trial and witness the incredible transformations AIM7 can bring to your life. Don't wait—take action now and embark on your path to improved motivation, better sleep, enhanced mood, increased energy, and reduced stress!


Erik Korem is the Founder and CEO of AIM7 (  in 2020, Erik began pouring his expertise into an app that analyzes users' data and provides custom recommendations for enhancing the mind, body, and recovery process. Leveraging the science of adaptive capacity, Erik and his team are unlocking a new level of human performance for anyone with a wearable device — so they can be their best without burning out.









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