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Sep 6, 2023

In this episode of the Raw and Real Entrepreneurship Podcast, Susan interviews Charles Gellman, the CEO of HiDO Health, a cutting-edge healthcare technology company that's deeply committed to transforming lives through innovation. With a background in data science, Charles is on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry and improve the well-being of countless individuals through artificial intelligence.


Charles shares the critical issue of medication errors and misdiagnoses, which affect millions of lives. Through HiDO Health, he's pioneering a solution to this problem, ensuring that patients receive the right medications at the right time.


Discover how HiDO Health's AI-powered device is enhancing patient care and empowering individuals to take control of their health. Charles explains the intricacies of their innovative approach, including embedded RFID technology, medication reconciliation, and behavior modification tools.


Learn how networking, persistence, and a commitment to making a difference have propelled this groundbreaking venture. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights into the power of AI, the importance of teamwork, and the potential to transform millions of lives.


Charles Gellman is a visionary leader and accomplished entrepreneur, currently serving as the CEO of HiDO Health, a cutting-edge healthcare technology company.  In 2018, Gellman co-founded HiDO Health with the mission of empowering patients and healthcare providers through the seamless integration of technology and healthcare services. Under his leadership, HiDO Health has emerged as a leading provider of AI Assisted Robotics, leveraging artificial intelligence, data analytics, and telehealth platforms to improve patient outcomes and transform healthcare delivery.







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