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Nov 1, 2023

In part one of this two-part episode, Susan Sly dives deep into entrepreneurship with David Ledgerwood, the Co-Founder of Add1Zero. With over two decades of experience in the business world, David's journey from professional services at PwC to crafting code for Fortune 500 giants like UPS, JP Morgan Chase, and Aetna is nothing short of inspiring.


In part one of this conversation, you'll hear David's insights on the current business landscape. He shares his experiences with the unprecedented challenges faced by businesses in recent times, notably the low lead volumes in Q2 and Q3. David discusses how the COVID hangover may still affect decision-makers and how this has impacted businesses across the board.


He questions why the focus in the startup world often revolves around raising capital and securing funding when revenue is, in his view, the true lifeblood of any enterprise. David emphasizes the importance of building a robust cash reserve and cultivating a culture of revenue generation within your company.


David also sheds light on the changing financial landscape, including rising interest rates and the end of an era where money was essentially free. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared for economic downturns and highlights the role of having a financial safety net. David suggests that maintaining a side consulting company as a personal financial buffer has been a key strategy for navigating the peaks and troughs of entrepreneurship.


Join Susan Sly and David Ledgerwood in this candid and insightful conversation that will inspire and educate entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey!


About David Ledgerwood:

David Ledgerwood serves as the Managing Partner at Add1Zero, a company specializing in end-to-end sales execution for tech-enabled B2B service firms looking to scale from six to seven digits in revenue. With a remarkable career sales record exceeding $50 million and an average deal size of over $150,000, he boasts over a decade of experience in software and service sales. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding multiple companies to mid-7 figure growth.


Connect with David:


LinkedIN @davidledgerwood


About Susan Sly:

Susan Sly is a Tech Co-founder and Co-CEO, a tech investor, best-selling author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the highly acclaimed podcast – Raw and Real Entrepreneurship. Susan has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television, The CBN, The Morning Show in Australia and been quoted in MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, and more. She holds Certificates in Management and Leadership, Technology and Operations, and Strategy and Innovation from MIT. Susan is the author of 7 books. Her book project with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield, made six Amazon Best Selling lists.


Connect With Susan:

Twitter @Susanslylive

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LinkedIn @susansly

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