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Jul 5, 2013

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(Meghan Noone) Every once in a while, paths cross and what results is extraordinary.  In today’s podcast, Susan interviews Meghan Noone, an actress/model/producer.  Desperate for a change in her life, Meghan was reflecting on her next step when she received a call from a friend asking her to be part of a documentary on modern day Africa.  It was during her visit to an AIDS orphanage in Kenya that she discovered her true calling in life.  Wanting to communicate with the children, she brought out a soccer ball. After hearing that girls were considered too slow and too weak to play sports, Meghan realized that through soccer these girls could be empowered.  She knew her purpose was to help these girls.  Combining her love of soccer and working with children led Meghan to create the first girls soccer team at Mama Na Dada. Many life lessons and parallels can be learned on the playing field. The passion and freedom soccer brought to her life enabled her to gain a sense of discipline, motivation, and self- worth. It is Meghan’s vision that through the game of soccer these women and children will earn some of the lessons she learned and attain their goals in life no matter how difficult.