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Mar 27, 2017


Steiner Book CoverFrom hanging out with Derek Jeter, helping Mickey Mantle launch a business, to making $60 million from dirt, Brandon Steiner is the ultimate rags to riches story.  This episode will inspire you to hustle to go for your...

Mar 15, 2017

Do you juggle work, life, and a child with some special learning considerations?  In this episode, Susan and Executive Coach, Christina Howard, discuss navigating tears, conversations, and how to advocate for your child.

Mar 13, 2017

Brad Groothuis, and his wife Jenny, adopted 8 children from Africa and blended them in with their children.  With fifteen children, and faith, Brad and Jenny learned how to stay organized, empower their children, and heed their calling; that was until Jenny passed.  If you are going through a challenge, or know someone...