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Nov 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered how some people can withstand intense pressure and still maintain their composure?

Captain Plumb survived nearly six years of torture as a POW after being shot down over Hanoi five days before his deployment was to end. In this interview, he shares how self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to forgive were integral parts of his survival and future success. Plumb believes that everyone has the choice whether they succeed, fail or become a victim of circumstances, no matter where they might be.

Captain Charlie Plumb is one of the most sought-after achievement speakers of his time. His insights on how to cope with the difficulties and the opportunities in life have a positive impact on those who hear his message, those who read his books, and those who come to know him as a friend. Since his return home, more than 5,000 audiences in nearly every industry have been spellbound as fighter pilot keynote speaker Captain Charlie Plumb shares his story and the lessons he learned from it.