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Mar 13, 2013

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In this week’s podcast, I interview Lisa Wolny, a mother and survivor of a massive stroke.  She is truly a champion.  After her stroke, at the age of thirty, Lisa spent years coming back.  When she reached a place where she no longer required assistance for life’s simple tasks such as going to the restroom, she became complacent. She felt awful and yet years went by existing in this living coma of a life.

One day Lisa decided she had had enough.  She made a decision to get healthy no matter what.  From that day on she focused on a new outcome.  She would start exercising, change her nutrition and get ridiculously fit.  Inspired by an Oxygen Magazine cover, Lisa continued to focus on her goal.  She shared her desires with her family.  She scheduled in her workouts.  She also decided to embark on this journey by doing a good cleanse.  The results were almost immediate and that kept Lisa focused to the point where, in her forties, she became an IFBB Figure Pro.

Transformation, like Lisa’s, does not come without willpower and determination.  In order to get results like these you have to want it badly enough and be willing to change your lifestyle.  So many people proclaim a desire to change and yet are resistant to actually making the changes required to live into the new goals.